All Things Renovation Insurance: Stop Risking Your Next Build

All Things Renovation Insurance: Stop Risking Your Next Build

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There are a lot of complications involved while building and settling into a home. Even if you are renovating your house, it always better to be secured. Home renovation insurance can come in handy at the time of a natural calamity or some major disaster during the build. Home renovation insurance is focused on protecting your assets against unexpected issues. Explore everything about home renovation insurance and how it can benefit you in the long run.

Why get your home renovated?

Renovations most importantly make your home more comfortable and modern. Renovations also increase the property value as the building is considered newer and with all the latest designs and architecture. However, by renovating your house, you can also be eligible for insurance discounts.

House owners can contact their insurance company whenever they are adding a basement, or updating the exteriors or changing any major part of the property.

Why opt for a home renovation insurance?

The chances of getting your home renovated after a certain point in time are high. You might want to improve your quality of stay at the house or put it for resale. Either way, you need to ensure it is in the best of states. Now, why should you hold a home renovation insurance?

The basic idea of getting one is to have full protection for your home while you get any kind of renovation done. A reliable insurance firm will provide you with a complete cover for your home, that is, all the repairs, extensions, etc. All the structural as well as home improvement work will be noted as a part of your home renovation insurance.

How to go about it?

Make sure you call your insurance company before you get the renovation process started. The home renovation insurance company will come and inspect the property before any renovations. Moreover, insurance companies provide proper guidance ahead of any renovation. You will also be clear about the insurance restrictions before you start the renovation process.

It is also important to choose only high-quality materials for your house renovations. Think of this as an investment. By using high-quality materials along with proper workmen, you will be able to increase the value of your house. Even if you are not planning to make a sale instantly, you still can reduce the chances of frequent damages to the house. By renovating your house properly, you will be able to cut down on your losses in the long run.

One should think smartly and should think about the future as well while renovating the house. If you are planning on getting a garage or basement made, make sure to include a sump pump now itself. This will be a cheaper and easier option instead of getting it done in the future. This is a smarter way of construction that one should adopt at the time of renovation.

What to do once the renovation is completed?

After all the renovation process and the construction work is completed, contact your insurance company so that they can come and inspect the place. The home renovation insurance company will help you with the following:

  • Providing a new replacement value for the house

Renovating your home will help you in getting better value for it. However, you will require professional help in order to find out the new and correct updated value for your property.

If you are wondering what the replacement value is, it is the total cost that the insurance company would pay to get completely reconstruct the house. Once you have renovated your home and especially if you have added extra features, the replacement value of the house increases.


  • Better discounts

Once you renovate your house, the house value increases but it also leads to better discounts from the insurance company. If in case you have installed some upgrades during the renovation process such as copper wiring, solar or rubber roofing, etc. you can easily qualify for higher discounts.

Home renovation insurance companies give a lot of importance to alarms and prevention additions to any property. Companies provide premium discounts and also tend to reduce the premiums of owners with the addition of such features.

Hiring a reputable contractor

To get the best renovation work done as well as increase the value of your house to the maximum, get a reputable general contractor. Make sure you check the certificate of insurance as well as their past work. The contractor should have the following coverages:

  • Worker’s compensation

There might be instances when a worker gets injured during the construction or renovation work. This can be a major stumbling block if the contractor puts the headache on the owner. To avoid any possibility of legal matters, ensure hiring contractors who have workers’ compensation covered. This will protect the house owners, and the contractors can get proper compensation in case of any injury or death at the site.


  • General liability

A general contractor who has liability insurance is the best pick for any construction or renovation work. There might be cases when the workers ignore instructions, and there might be cases of errors or omission. This could result in major property damage and issues in the future.


  • Builders risk

A right contractor is one while provides the builder’s risk coverage. There might be damages to the house and materials and even the ones which are not yet installed. House owners should have the proper coverage in such cases to avoid any financial loss.

If you are looking for a reliable insurance company to provide you with a valuable home renovation insurance, opt for ACADS as your insurance company. The firm will provide you with the best insurance packages for your home and assure you a complete renovation cover for your home as per your package. Apart from insurance, ACADS also provides premium quality services in home construction, repairs, and maintenance. Make sure your house in the best and the safest hands when it comes to any sort of building and renovation work. Renovate your house without worry and also increase the value at the same time.

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