The Lethal Truth: Everything You Need To Know About The Danger of Asbestos


The Lethal Truth: Everything You Need To Know About The Danger of Asbestos

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When we think about renovating our houses or building a new one, lots of concerns arise. These are usually regarding finances. But one crucial concern is our health, especially when we are near Asbestos. Asbestos is a versatile, naturally-occurring mineral, which comprises six fibrous silicate substances. These substances are made up of silicon and oxygen. Their structure consists of bundles of thin, long fibres which easily pull apart. Asbestos can withstand heat, decay, and erosion. It is also resistant to fire, heat, water, electricity, and corrosive chemicals.

With such great utility, Asbestos becomes hazardous to life when these fibres are inhaled from the air. But there is no need to worry. Australian Construction and Development Services (ACADS) bring the ultimate solution of asbestos removal in the Byron Bay, and asbestos removal in the Gold Coast.

Types of Asbestos

Asbestos is of two kinds- friable or non-friable. This classification is based on how asbestos is used for construction.

Friable asbestos is when any material contains asbestos and is in the powder form. You can crumble, pulverize, or convert this material into powder by pressuring with hands. This asbestos is used for various industrial purposes like pipe lagging, asbestos cloth, ropes, and sprayed limpet.

Non- friable asbestos can be well encapsulated and cannot be easily crumbled. None of the friable asbestos properties applies to this. This makes non- friable asbestos safer than the friable one. It is used as flat (fibro), compressed or corrugated asbestos cement sheets, as water, drainage, and flue pipes, and as floor tiles. If in case, non- friable asbestos is exposed to fire, hail, or water blasting or drilling, it may turn to friable asbestos.

Asbestos hazards can be taken care of only by experienced construction companies like ACADS. They focus on constructing safe buildings and houses in Australia. They also work towards asbestos removal in the Byron Bay, and asbestos removal in the Gold Coast.

The Danger of Asbestos

The danger to life starts when we inhale or ingest the asbestos fibres. This happens when the tiny fibres of asbestos pull apart and become dust in the air. This happens with friable asbestos. These fibres get trapped in the mucous membranes of the nose or the throat. They get easily removed by coughing or sneezing. But there is a fair chance that these get passed on to the lungs and digestive tract. Here the actual problem starts. These tiny fibres become lodged in the body tissue and stay there for a long time. This can lead to tissue damage, inflammation, and many severe health conditions that may present symptoms later on. The most significant health hazards associated with asbestos exposure are respiratory issues and cancers.

Our bodies cannot break these fibres down as they are tough to destroy. Hence, they start damaging tissues and causing severe diseases. The danger of asbestos can be minimized if we go for the right asbestos removing company. Australia has stopped the use of asbestos long back. But some houses still need to look for asbestos removal in the Byron Bay, and asbestos removal in the Gold Coast.

#1 Mesothelioma

It is a rare type of cancer. It occurs in a thin membrane (called mesothelium) surrounding mots organs. The most common type attacks the lining around the lungs (called pleura). Mesothelioma may also occur in chest, abdomen and around the heart.

People working in asbestos mines, mills and factories, and shipyards that use asbestos, have a massive risk of getting this disease. This disease has a rare chance of getting cured and results in death.

#2 Asbestosis

This is a chronic, non-cancerous respiratory ailment. The asbestos fibres scar the lung tissue. It leads to breathing problems, a chronic cough, and chest pain and tightness. In the advance stages, the condition may cause cardiac failure.

People who work in renovating and demolishing houses are at significant risk. There is no proper treatment for asbestosis. But certain medicines can bring ease in breathing.

#3 Lung Cancer

This is the primary cause of a large number of deaths related to asbestos exposure. People involved in mining, milling, manufacturing, and use of asbestos directly are at the highest risks of getting lung cancer. The common symptoms include coughing and change in breathing pattern. Other symptoms include chest pains, anaemia, shortness of breath, and hoarseness.

#4 Other Cancers

Asbestos exposure may cause other cancers too. Oesophagus, larynx, stomach, colon, kidney, and oral cavity are some of those cancers. They are caused by ingesting asbestos.

Certain factors which determine the likelihood of getting sick due to asbestos-related diseases are- the amount and duration of exposure, smoking habits, and age. More exposure to asbestos causes more fibres to enter the body. Smoking habits increase the risk of getting an asbestos-related disease, especially lung cancer. Age of the person is inversely proportional to the asbestos effects. That is, children get affected by asbestos more than older adults. Hence, it is a good idea to keep children away from being exposed to asbestos.

It is essential to ensure your safety from any of such diseases by asbestos removal in the Byron Bay, and asbestos removal in the Gold Coast.

Importance of knowing the lethal truth

While planning for house construction, or any commercial building, we ensure to take the best measures. We follow all regulations and safety measures to prevent any health risks. But asbestos is a common material present at construction sites. Hence, it is crucial to know the risks and consequences associated with it.

Even in Australia, many cities face the same situation while building houses or buildings. The safest way to manage asbestos removal is to hire a licensed company like ACADS. They offer premium solutions for industrial, commercial, residential constructions and more. They also provide building maintenance services and specialized asbestos removal in the Byron Bay, and asbestos removal in the Gold Coast. They ensure that your entire space is clean and removal of any life-threatening substances left in your home.

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